With the name DPD we refer to the company "Dynamic Parcel Distribution" and its subcontractors.

Amount to be refunded:

If an order has been insured, the insurance is made in proportion(percentage) to the services and goods bought by the client.
If all conditions of the insurance are fulfilled the value of the lost merchandise and services is refunded without surpassing the amount insured by the customer.
The customer shall receive the refund amount via wire transfer. The refund is in euros and without interest. Other refund options are not possible.

Shipping insurance, against loss by DPD:

All parcels are insured against failure of DPD to deliver a parcel to the designated address which was provided by the customer when he submitted his order to us (Golden-Spirits)

If DPD cannot deliver a parcel because of the absence of the customer, the packet is not considered to be lost nor to be a failure of DPD.
After one or more failed delivery attempts the parcel is stored in a stock/depot of DPD near the customer's shipping address.
The customer is advised to go and pick up his parcels at the stock/depot before it will be shipped to the central stock of DPD.
In this case the delivery is not considered a failure of DPD nor is the parcel considered to be lost.

This is not an insurance against damage of the shipped goods and will not be applied. The customer may contact DPD for additional support.
The delivery of a packet by DPD is considered to have failed if either DPD admits that they lost the packet or after 30 days the location of the packet remains unknown.
If the location of a parcel becomes or remains unknown because of a third party(different from DPD and Golden-Spirits), this insurance does not apply.

Shipping insurance, against loss by a third party:

Includes all the services and conditions of the "shipping insurance, against loss by DPD " but additionally covers the loss of a parcel by a third party.