Hot Feeling Chili Vodka 50cl Vol 40%

Hot Feeling Chili Vodka 50cl Vol 40%
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Believe it or not , but it is not a photomontage ! Vodka " Hot Feeling" contains in each bottle , a specially bred in penis shape Chili Pepper !

An ambitious team of young , passionate agronomist , continuous investments , the highest demands on controlled ecological cultivation and an indomitable desire for Only position this particular Chilisorte form the basis of this unique in the Algarve Bioprojektes . The penis chilli is grown in a natural gentle way . Abstaining from the use of growth promoters, chemical pesticides , chemical fertilizers and genetic engineering is considered to be our top priority . All the ground added nutrients come exclusively from its own resources , for example, Compost. Thanks to the optimal growth conditions, avoids these , only in their striking form of the original type deviating Chilisorte disease and pest infestation and leads to their unadulterated, fiery flavor .

All penis Chili's will be integrated by hand in the bottle , what to do , with utmost care, as it is important to avoid that the skin of the chili is damaged , otherwise the fiery taste immediately permeates the whole in her mouth.

Penis chili in this perfect shape and sharpness - without any genetic manipulations - to cultivate successful, is a very complex process. Only 2 sheets of a shrub meet the required standards . For this reason, the first bottling is highly exclusive and limited edition of only 5,000 bottles.